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About Us

Our consultancy connects you and your firm to the world of tech and non tech as we bridge the lack of trust and open you and your firm to enormous opportunities/solutions. We also offer educational courses in all field and they are flexible and informative.



Taking you to your home with Tech



To offer Tech including blockchain services through strategic partnerships and affiliations with top-tier blockchain companies, academic institutions, and fintech sectors from various industries.


Academic Sessions

We hold periodic academy sessions where expert tutors train blockchain and other tech related enthusiasts on courses related to their field and it's open to beginners, intermediates, and professionals. Our professional tutors have unique teaching methods to assist aspiring students in acquiring the fundamental knowledge of blockchain and other emerging technologies. We offer NFT certificates to our students and have certified over 100 students.

Tech Hub

Our Tech hub is an innovative environment targeted at helping new technology companies flourish by encouraging experimentation and creativity. We help your firm network with like-minded individuals and enterprises. Our services include web designing, building mobile apps and creation of smart contracts, and the hiring of in-house developers. We also partner with various blockchain brands to assist them in the creation of excellent decentralized applications such as Gamefi, Defi, and other tech-related projects.

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy connects you and your firm to the world of tech and non tech as we bridge the lack of trust and open you and your firm to enormous opportunities/solutions. We also offer educational courses in all field and they are flexible and informative. Our consultancy services helps in building trust and satisfaction for your start up, company, project or products. We serve as a third party to take responsibility for your product. Our consultancy services is open for both tech and non tech related services. We offer:
1) Content management
2) Ambassadors onboarding
3) Hiring of officials
4) compliance services
5) Agricultural services
6) Community management
7) Smart contract Auditing
8) Wallet services
9) Project managing , etc.. Kindly go to our "Ask Us" page to book for your service also if not mentioned here as our CS will respond to you swiftly.


Our branding team can significantly increase your blockchain brand's visibility and exposure. With modern tools and technologies, we provide outstanding and comprehensive solutions to represent your brand's online and offline image. We offer a full range of services, from marketing to logo, banner and flyer designing.

BEI Studio

We provide high-quality video production, shooting, and engaging creative content with the right directors, camera operators, and cinematographers.


This is a globally recognized educational platform that offers blockchain, technical and other Field trainings. With our Da'academy you can come and pick any course of yours.


This is a decentraized web3 betting platform built on the Binance Smartchain Network Bridging the gap between traditional betting and the future of online gambling using Web3 technology.




No, for now, BEI does not offer any free courses.

It depends on the scope of the course. Some courses take up to 4 weeks to complete, while others can even take less or even more.

Yes, BEI certificates help you stand out when you apply for jobs in the blockchain space. It increases your chances of landing your next big crypto job or advancing at your current position. Remember, employers are always looking for candidates who are credible and motivated to advance their skills. So, go ahead and recession-proof your career.

BEI is an innovative/tech platform that helps tech enthusiasts gain relevance in the blockchain space.
We offer in-demand online courses and provide consultancy services to blockchain companies. We partner with traditional businesses in building their solutions on the blockchain, as the majority of businesses are still unaware of how they could benefit from this revolutionary technology. We help blockchain firms in listing tokens on exchanges and aggregators. We are backed by “The Clouds attorney.”
Our branding team are experts in developing and delivering comprehensive solutions regarding a company’s brand, including logo creation, marketing, banner, and flyers.
Lastly, we are building the first betting platform on the blockchain. Our goal is to build a reliable online betting platform with a thrilling and enjoyable environment for our users at all times. Users of our platform have the opportunity to engage in betting, play games and compete for real money and also enjoy the social benefits of interacting with other users.

No, after that session, our exams cannot be retaken; however, if there are any changes, you will always be updated.

Yes, of course. Everything relevant about your professional journey deserves a mention in your resume.
BEI certificate demonstrates your specialized knowledge and abilities in your career choice, which can help you stand out from other job applicants.

Yes, At BEI, we offer live interactive sessions for all our courses. We apply unique teaching styles so our tutors will keep improving and create a more engaging and rewarding learning environment for our students.
We promote real-time communication between students so we can get higher learning outcomes.

We give our students lifetime access to the course materials to establish lasting longing knowledge.

No, offline courses are currently unavailable but will be available soon.

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David Effiong also known as Davizoe Effiong is a blockchain consultant. He joined the industry late 2016 and has been there till date. Davizoe began his career in the industry with content creating, later moved to trading before diversifying into other aspects of Blockchain, he worked for several blockchain projects both international and African projects, he had taught and spoken to over 20,000 audience through Webinar, seminars, private mentorship and his ambassadorial programme. Davizoe wrote a book in 2020 "Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Simplified by Davizoe Effiong" and he founded BEI CONSULTANCY LIMITED. Currently the vice President of Blockchain education and adoption at Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria -SiBAN.